The Mike Fahy Memorial Cup will be a 7-a-side football tournament run on the 4th of October open to teams in Wellington. 

It will operate with group plus knockout matches and will be run by Better Football. 

The tournament will run from 6-10pm

The cost per team entry will be $200 and the full amount of this will go to Lifeline. 

A message from Super Paddy's Fun Club. 

"Sadly we lost our friend Mike Fahy in late May. He was a Super Paddy's stalwart and served as club captain last season. He was liked by everyone who met him, and was dependable, loyal and brilliantly funny. We want to honour him and play a fun and hard hitting football tournament. Super Paddys is sponsored by Lifeline and they are always available to have a chat with anyone who wants it at 0800 543 354."