Welcome to our first Pro Clubs League. 

This league will consist of 6 teams. 

No entry fee. 

PS4 Only.

All games must start with at least three players on each team and cannot include an Any Player.

Games will be scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night at 830pm, 9pm and 930pm. If both teams agree on an alternative time please notify admin@betterfootball.co.nz. All games must be finished by Sunday night of that game week. 

The prize for the winning team will be a $200 food and beverage voucher at the Old Bailey (Wellington). 

Players must be based in New Zealand.

You team name that you register with must be your team name that you use in Pro Clubs. If your team name is not appropriate then you will need to change it. Better Football will have the final call on this. 

Games must be streamed and recorded. If you need any guidance on this please get in touch. 

Registrations close Tuesday 7 Sep 2021 or when the league is full.