We at Better Football are wanting to create a safe and enjoyable environment, and our referees are at the heart of making this a reality. 

By becoming a referee you will gain a better understanding of the Laws of the Game while learning other valuable skills such as public speaking, conflict resolution, player management and welfare.


One of our strong principles is that football is played on the basis of mutual respect. A high level of respect is to be given to our referees and staff, and this is expected to work both ways. There is zero tolerance for rude or offensive behaviour being directed at any of our staff or referees. 

Better Football have a process to deal with referee abuse, please refer to the Better Football Rules

Becoming a Referee

We accept referees at any level, as training is provided. Referees will need to provide their own equipment. 

If you are interested in joining the team, please email admin@betterfootball.co.nz.