Match report: Intergalactic 0-0 Summer Rangers

Superb keeping, hearty defending, and a wee bit of luck kept things level between Intergalactic and Summer Rangers in what has to go be one of the most thrilling scoreless draws I’ve seen.

An early barrage on the Ranger’s goal was repelled by a sleuth of superhuman saves from keeper Tang, and from there Rangers would grow into the game to earn their draw. The football was fast-paced, exciting, and end-to-end. Neither team gave any quarter and a loss for either side would have been heartbreaking.


The pivotal moment: 

In the fifteenth minute, the game could have taken a very different turn if not for honesty. A Ranger’s corner was floated into the area, where a Tom Gormley header saw the ball splash against the netting. But in some very commendable sportsmanship, the Rangers admitted that while in the air the corner had gone out of bounds. The ref actually hadn’t noticed this, so massive kudos to the Rangers. 


The stars:

Summer Rangers: Tang The former Stop Out goalie was a brick wall in defence, producing many a majestic save to do what he was asked and more, keeping Rangers in the match.

Inter: Jake Roberts Inter’s most threatening moments all came through their attacking main man Robets. The strikers tenacity, creativity, and pace in attack made him a danger which posed the Summer defence real issues. 


The bad boys: N/A


The comments:

Tang, Summer keeper: “That was a tough game. We had a bit of a shaky start - those first ten minutes were really nerve-wracking where they had a lot of shots - but we fought back in what was a tight game and fair result. I made a couple good saves and we had a fair few chances but just couldn’t finish it today.

Phil Connor, Inter goalie:  On the balance of play I think a draw is a fair result; both teams had some good chances and both keepers made some good saves. Nil-nils are pretty rare though! 

“My heart rate certainly went up in those last five minutes! End to end stuff, and either team could have nicked it.


The meaning: 

The sluggish start to the season continues for both sides. This was the Rangers’ second draw of four games, while Inter have now tasted each type of result in their three games. 

In terms of standings, Chin United separates these sides. Inter sit 5th with four points and a game in hand, while Rangers lie 7th only above pointless Red Barons.


The future: 

Next Sunday Intergalactic stay at Alex Moore for their 12:30 clash against SkuxxFC, while Summer Rangers meet Tims Boys for their 1pm game at Boyd Wilson.


The rest: 

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Red Barons 2-4 Chin United

Tims Boys 1-1 VUWAFC Unicycles