Match report: Intergalactic 4-0 Red Barons

The game:

An incredible penalty save and a late burst of shots was not enough to get Red Barons on the score sheet as they collapsed in a 4-0 defeat to Intergalactic. 

While all goals were impressive, this match saw some truly extreme keeping from both goalies. From Joe Foal’s magnificent penalty deflection to Phil Connor’s brick wall in the late stages of the game, the most aesthetic action was by the boys between sticks. 


The goals:

Chris Gazley (Inter, 12th minute) The pass came down the left-wing and before anyone knew it Gazley was off at super-human speed. He got away from any competition before cutting inside and releasing a powerful effort which ended up in the net despite Foal’s palm getting in the way. A miraculous solo effort. 

Chris Gazley (Inter, 44th minute) Another through ball ended up with Gazley who had time, space, and a challenge by Foal in the area. But Gazley’s darts and diversions from side to side enabled him to get around Foal and easily pass the ball into the net. 

Fisk (Inter, 58th minute) The Baron defence was holding up well under pressure with multiple shots being deflected and careening away. Unfortunately one of these deflections ended up in a space with Fisk, but no defenders. With no pressure on him, Fisk thundered a thumping shot which Foal had no chance for. 

Jake Roberts (Inter, 62nd minute) Roberts collected the ball on the left-wing and ran with it, finding the time and space to turn and send yet another powerful effort into the net. 


The pivotal moment:

There were three or four chances which could go here, but Foal’s penalty save takes the cake. Because usually when a penalty gets missed, you admonish the striker and put it down to poor marksmanship. 

But Gazley’s effort wasn’t bad. It was a strong effort to the right which would usually work. Yes, it could have been better, but it wasn’t one you expected the goalie to get his palms too. 

Yet a full stretch Foal got his hands to it and not only deflected the shot but also sent it out of play for a corner. To not send the ball straight back at your opponent for an easy tap in is one of the harder parts of penalty keeping, yet Foal’s brilliant save managed it. No hattrick for Gazley today. 


The stars:

Inter: Chris Gazley Now I’ve established how his penalty was not a bad effort, I can justify my choice of star. Gazley did score two goals, both of them entailing significant skill and without him what got the win going would be lost. 

Barons: Joe Foal Continuing my contradictions, the man who let in four gets star. Yet Inter did a lot of pressing on the Baron area but several attempts were denied by impressive diving saves. 


The bad boys: N/A


The comments:

Joe Foal, Barons keeper: “Disappointing result. I thought we fought really hard for the first 50-60 minutes of the game, and after they got a few more goals our heads just dropped a little bit. Fatigue and Wellington’s horrible conditions didn’t help either. 

“I’ve got a bit of a routine with penalties - don’t want to give it away - but I went into it with confidence and it was nice to get a bit of power on it and bounce it off the crossbar. Though I was lucky it didn’t bounce back in! #FoalInGoal.”

Phil Connor, Inter goalie: “Real happy with that. We struggled to pick up on their game plan to start off, but we had a chat about it at halftime and then had a really good second half.”


The meaning:

This win is pretty significant. Thanks to the margin of the victory, Inter shoot up to 4 points and sneak into second ahead of VUW Unicycles on goal difference. SkuxxFC top group B with a perfect record and nine points, while Red Barons are their inverse with zero points. 


The rest:

SkuxxFC 5-2 VUW Unicycles 


The future:

The win for Inter puts them in the running for the cup, with an 11 am semi-final match against Tim’s Boys at Boyd Wilson. Meanwhile the Barons fight for the plate today in their 3:30 Alex Moore match vs Summer Rangers.