Match report: Miramar Women 4-1 Cunning Stunts

The game:

Sometimes a plan comes together, and it’s beautiful to watch. This was the story of Miramar’s 4-1 victory over Cunning Stunts with Pri Patel’s women in control from start to finish. 

Nothing the Stunts could do could break Miramar’s tactics, and as a result the game was played almost entirely in the Cunning half. The only goal the Stunts could muster was a penalty, and even it was inches away from being saved. 


The goals: 

Grace Cody (Miramar, 19th minute) With the ball almost out of play and near the right corner, the cross came across the face of goal to Cody. The keeper ran up to challenge her, but that just allowed Cody to calmly slot it into the right corner. 

Hayley Mercer (Stunts, 33rd minute) A handball in the box allowed Mercer to take her chances from the spot. Her powerful shot did get palmed by keeper Georgia Booten, but the ball deflected from her hand to bounce between crossbar and ground, crossing the line in the process. A goal without the ball ever touching the net. 

Grace Cody (Miramar, 34th minute) The Miramar reaction was immediate. A well-placed ball skimmed through the lines where Cody picked it up and rounded the last defender. The subsequent second slot past the keeper scored her second goal. 

Nicki Finn (Miramar, 37th minute) Another through ball was released, but this one had a very different approach to the net. Despite being a fair bit out from goal, Finn instantly released the shot first time and the ball would somehow sail home. There were shouts for offside, but these were waived off. 

Kerri Cruise (Miramar, 62nd minute) This one hurt. Cruise took a shot from distance which was directed straight at Stunt goalie Folkner, but Folkner dropped the ball which promptly rolled into the goal in what must have been agony for the Stunts. 


The pivotal moment:

Cruise could have had a double had it not been for some well-timed interventions and quality saves. A pass allowed Cruise to get into the box and her shot was true but a deflection off a defender allowed Folkner to scramble and save. Another chance followed in quick succession where a soaring shot looked destined for the top corner but again Folkner managed to keep the net ball-free.


The stars:

Miramar: Grace Cody. The spearhead of Miramar’s attack, she played her role to perfection with a brace for Grace. 

Stunts: Hayley Mercer. Without her penalty, Miramar would have certainly left with a clean sheet. 


The bad gals: N/A


The comment:

Pri Patel, Miramar coach: “I was really pleased with that performance. We’ve been working quite hard on a system we want to stick to and today we kept to it for the full ninety and got a result out of our methodology. 

“It was comfortable for most of the game and I think it’s mostly due to the front line and midfield working really hard to stop any attacks from building up so credit to them.” 


The meaning:

The second, third, and fourth-placed teams all now sit on 11 points each. Of those, Miramar is in pole position with second place in hand thanks to goal difference. Team Dwallopers and VUWAFC Women’s football are breathing down Miramar’s necks, however. The Stunts meanwhile sit in fifth on six points with no chance of moving soon - they’re five points behind VUW and six ahead of the Boo Bee’s.


The rest:

Team Dwallopers 2-6 Arse-n-All 

The Boo Bee’s 1-4 VUWAFC Women’s Football 


The future:

Is coming on. Team Dwallopers play Miramar at 11 am on Alex Moore’s turf, while Boyd Wilson sees the Stunts clash with VUW next Sunday at 11:30 am.